Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Changing the World Using Social Media - "Choose This Day"

Thank you, Jenny, for this meme! 
The other day I posted a link to an article on my friend’s Facebook page, thinking it contained some information she might enjoy. A few hours later she posted this response:

“Oh my beautiful, intelligent dear friend, I absolutely love it!!!!”

As I read her comment I noticed that I sat up a bit more in my seat, my face relaxed into an easy smile, and my breathing deepened as my whole self felt, well, loved.

Since then, I’ve been marveling over how just a simple, kind, comment can make a person feel warm and confident about herself in a matter of moments. 

I’ve also been wondering about different ways I, too, can help others feel good about themselves by sharing kind thoughts and observations about their strengths and talents, without appearing sycophantic.

And then I stumbled upon this post by my blogger friend, Jenny Hansen. Here, Jenny introduces us to author Kathryn Craft and her upcoming Twitter campaign proposal, 


All of us have struggles we deal with. And many of us realize we are not alone in our trials. When we offer positive thoughts and words of encouragement, we often provide the energy another person needs in order to continue on his or her particular journey. Sometimes that “second wind” is just an extra burst that empowers someone to achieve a goal. Other times it literally saves a life.

“On the day my husband chose death over life, ‘choose this day’ became my mantra. Each day, no matter how sad or horrified or frustrated I felt, I chose life—and with this simple daily act, my sense of empowerment grew.”

Her goal is to flood the Twittersphere with positive comments and quotes on May 1st, using the hashtag, #choosethisday. She hopes the positivity will continue throughout the month of May, culminating in a big Twitter celebration at the end of the month.

Won’t you join us as we attempt to flood the Internet with positive vibes? If you don’t have Twitter, you can still post comments on Facebook using the hashtag #choosethisday. For extra thoughts and quotes on encouragement, visit Kathryn’s Facebook author page. You can also follow her on Twitter at @kcraftwriter. If you like, you can also follow Jenny at @JennyHansenCA and me at @JoMoBlogger

I look forward to seeing you on Twitter, helping to lift others up through positive comments and words of encouragement!

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  1. On Vancouver's sidewalks, buses, skytrains and aquataxis, there are frequent opportunities for eye contact, a smile or a short conversation. No matter their age or state of being, all seem momentarily moved by connection. "How are you doing today?" may initially be followed by "You're NOT from HERE, are you?" but often result in shared stories. Connections and relationships are a positive choice that are worth the effort. #choosethisday