Thursday, February 19, 2015

Things of the Soul

"The things of the soul must always be considered as plentiful, spacious, and large." - Teresa of Avila

"But what are the things of the soul? Surely they are every breath we breathe, every word we hear, every thought we think." - Sr. Joan Chittister

If the "things of the soul" are to be plentiful, spacious, and large, then the things of each individual's soul must be those she holds closest to her heart. These are the things she devotes the majority of her thoughts and time to. Those things she allows to occupy her thoughts and time - the things she will set aside all others for in order to focus on the things she deems highest in priority.

Or, maybe that's not it. Maybe we mistakenly categorize the things that most closely surround us as the things of our soul when what we ought to do is expand our reach. Maybe, the "things of the soul" are love, compassion, forgiveness, connection, and communication. After all, these are the things that bind us to all other humans.

Maybe THESE are the things we should have in abundance, in order that we may keep working on our hearts, expanding our spiritual muscles to create even more room for the things of our souls.

What do you think? What are the things of your soul? What do you hold closest in your heart and deem most important in your life? What do you feel you need more abundantly in your life?

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