Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ten Things of Thankful: Work, Dog Breath, and Jimmy Buffet (What?)

The time is running late for posting my Ten Things of Thankful this week, and, if I’m being completely honest here (which I usually am, because, why not?) my writing commitment this week has been less than stellar.  I started the week with really good intentions: to participate in this month’s BlogHer NaBloPoMo.  After all, the theme is “serve” – and what better theme to focus on for a blog that claims to “work to make the world a better place”, right?  Except I got lazy.  Well, and also I got a little busy at work.  So, I will start afresh by naming the things I am thankful for this past week and plan on getting back on the blogging wagon by perusing BlogHer’s prompts and writing at least a couple posts next week that address the various aspects of volunteering and serving others.

So, without further ado, I now present my Ten Things of Thankful as of September 7, 2013:

10.  Thank goodness my migraine finally went away.  Otherwise I would tell Dyanne to take her TToT linkup and put it where the sun doesn’t shine (don’t judge – have you ever experienced a migraine?)

9.  I’m thankful we rented our vacant office space (this is one of those “work” things that kept me from writing last week – and for good reason.  I am now breathing much more freely.)

8.  I’m thankful we hired a new intern.  (Shout out to Keegan!)  He will be a fantastic addition to our office staff.

7.  Speaking of work, I’m thankful that the hubs and I work so well together.  I’m thankful that he not only asks my opinion about so many aspects of the business but actually respects – and utilizes – my answers and suggestions.  Who knew a law office would benefit from the input of a marketing/writing chick?

6.  I’m thankful that my favorite dessert destination, Cupcakes by Liz, makes gluten-free and sugar-free options.  Just give her a heads-up and she will have a delicious treat available for you.  Seriously, I’ve avoided the temptation to stop in there all summer only to learn that she is prepared to meet all kinds of dietary needs with delectable creations.  Now THAT is customer service!
Simply the BEST cupcakes. Ever.

5.  I’m thankful that the vet’s office successfully cleaned my old lab’s teeth.  The dog is 11 years old, and, as we all know, there is nothing worse than doggy halitosis – except maybe old doggy halitosis (did I mention he eats his own poop?) 
Yeah, he's cute. But don't let him breathe on you...

4.  I’m thankful I only watched the first half of today’s Florida-Miami football game.  Yuck.

3.  I’m thankful I paid someone a compliment the other night.  This person thought I was angry from an incident last winter, but I’m not, and it was up to me to clear the air.  I’m glad I figured that out.

2.  I’m thankful for technology for, without it, I never would have enjoyed the following conversation with my mom the other day:

Mom (via text during her visit to Key West): Not what it was 40 years ago.  I am pre-Jimmy Buffet.

Me:  Jimmy was playing the bar circuit then. You could have made HIM my step-dad….

Mom:  I wish.  But Joe wants to know why you don’t think he’s as good as Jimmy.

Me:  He is, he is!!  Plus, you would be divorced from Jimmy by now (his track record not good, you know) leaving you available for Joe so no worries….

Mom:  OK, he feels better.

*Please note that I love my step-dad. But, hey, Jimmy Buffet in the early '70's???

1.  I’m thankful I don’t write a political blog.  Because, if I did, I’d tell all of you who live in Missouri to please call your local representatives’ offices and ask them not to override the governor’s veto of House Bill 253.  While I agree that states need to determine what to do when there is a budget surplus (which is what this bill attempts to address), and legislators should always look for ways to entice new industry to our state, tax breaks should never come from proposing cuts to funding for public schools or mental health services.  I remain hopeful that a solution can come from more in-depth discussion surrounding this bill and compromises reached that will help make our state stronger both economically and educationally.  That is all I have to say about politics for today :-)

And with that, I am outta here.  Hope you have a great week – and, please, tell me what things YOU are thankful for today!  You know you want to….

Ten Things of Thankful


  1. You're in with an entire day to spare - you can breathe easy.

    Great to see you in the hop again, and glad your migraine's over (I only had one really bad one in my life - I couldn't have anyone in the room with me in case they moved the AIR near my head)

    It sounds as though work things are going well for you, and it's always a relief when that happens.

    Kudos on your non-political political bit. If I lived in MO, I would totally sign it - very important stuff.

  2. Dyanne @ I Want BacksiesSeptember 7, 2013 at 5:55 PM

    Yay! You did it again! And you DID know you have until Sunday night to post, right?

    Your new office space is so gorgeous (and spacious), you should be able to share space with ANYONE's husband and get along. Make that ALLLLMOST anyone.

    Cupcakes by Liz coconut cupcake. Ahhhh!

    I wish my mother would learn to text. Because anything she sent would be prime for Damn You, Autocorrect!

  3. Glad all the work things are getting worked out, but more especially that your migraine went away. Those things are NASTY!
    If her cupcakes taste as good as her building looks, that cupcake lady, Liz, must have some darn delicious cupcakes!
    I used to poo-poo technology, wondering why people didn't just pick up the phone and call. I have been enlightened, and couldn't agree more about the wonderfulness of it. Some awesomely funny conversations, which otherwise never would have happened, have occurred because of texting.

  4. Thank you Lizzi - it's great to be here again! What a great way to keep life in perspective.
    I am so, so, so happy my migraine is gone - and even more happy that it didn't last as long as they sometimes do (a definite plus, believe me!0)
    And thank you for the Kudos on my last item - it is, unfortunately, becoming a very political topic. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail and a good compromise will result :-)

  5. So, for some reason I've been thinking the link-up closes at midnight on Sat. nights. At least now I know better....
    Great new office space - so exciting and it makes for a wonderful work environment. So thankful for that!!
    Liz is the bomb.
    And autocorrect is not always my friend....

  6. Thank you, Christine - you are so right, getting rid of that migraine was paramount to the overall mood of my weekend! Truly, Liz is the best. We've tried cupcakes in other bakeries in bigger cities but, alas, none can compare with the amazing creations Liz presents her customers with each week. And that conversation with my mom was just so funny - love my step-dad, but since he and my mom didn't meet until they were well into their forties, I always like to have a little fun with my her about the Jimmy Buffet days in Key West!

  7. Time to get yer butt on Twitter, too then, innit :P

  8. I shall hope that they do! It sounds like a tough thing to see happening in front of your eyes and feel powerless to stop. That said, I feel the 'unstoppable' version of politics is playing out worldwide at the moment.

    It's an awesome way of keeping things in perspective, and I'm always happy when it works.

  9. Ack! I need to be much more aware of things I write. I forgot that you'd be reading this and I'd be playing right into your twitter hands!

  10. Expect the unexpected *grins*

  11. Agree with the black lab's breath. And nodded vigorously with you on the first half of Florida Miami game. UGH. I was following by Twitter. And was so glad I didn't waste my Saturday in front of the television for that. BTW, our black lab is named Tebow.

  12. excellent looking doggie!

    late? you want to talk about late?? lol I am just now finishing reading the Posts! (it being 7:22 Sunday)... I am not the quickest blogger, unlike our hostini prime, Lizzi (and some of the others) who not only get everything done on Saturday but post again on Sunday! It's good to have people of awesome abilities in the group... gives me something to strive for...
    hope you have a good week ahead!

  13. Oh, love your dog's name! And, yes, that game was NOT fun to watch :( Oh, well

  14. Thanks for stopping by!

  15. LOL - thanks, Clark! For some reason I thought the deadline was midnight on Saturday, not Sunday. So now I just have to catch up by reading all the posts!