Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Good Stuff: July 6 through July 13, 2013

I haven't been doing this EVERY day....
A lot has been going on here in my house.  While the First Born underwent ACL reconstruction, the Hubs bravely (and successfully) faced cataract surgery.  At the same time, the Boys and the Redhead continued their athletic and social pursuits – it IS summer, after all – which, of course, has meant an awful lot of driving around for moi.  But, hey, it’s cool.  The main setback to this flurry of activity simply means less time spent at the keyboard by me, which means less reading material for you.  So, you can lend your own assessment of the situation in the comments section below, if you so desire….

Of course, the world still keeps revolving, and we continue to need to work together to make the tiny corners we inhabit more friendly, just, enjoyable, and livable for all who share our personal spaces.  Indulge me for a few minutes, if you will, by allowing me to highlight some Good Stuff that I found recently.  Also, feel free to help any organization that strikes your fancy in order to help their efforts in creating a better world.

The folks at Art Feeds have been working feverishly to help promote the value of art in children’s lives not just in Joplin, but also in Moore, OK.  Last week Art Feeds volunteers and interns traveled to Moore with art packs for students and worked with 2,000 kids affected by the recent storms that swept the Oklahoma City area.  Read their blog post for more details and to learn about ways you can help children receive art therapy from this amazing organization.

Locally, the organization, Connect2Culture (C2C), is amping up its visibility by building a new website and joining Facebook and Twitter.  Connect2Culture seeks to promote local art organizations and raise public awareness of artistic opportunities in an effort to enhance quality of life in the community.  Please take a moment and visit their Facebook page to sign up for email updates about the latest art events in Joplin.

Also for those of you in the Joplin area, Spiva Center for the Arts continues to host art classes throughout the month of July, so if, you’re looking for a creative outlet for your budding artist, head over to their website to sign up your kiddo for a final dose of summertime fun.

You have to admit, this is an awesome pair of shoes, right?
Finally, you all know how much I love shoes, right? What? You don’t? Well, it’s true: no one in the family was more excited than I when, ten years ago, my sister-in-law announced her position as CFO of a shoe company headquartered in St. Louis.  Let’s just say I possess a shoe for every occasion now.  But, what’s better than discounts on gorgeous shoes?  Finding shoe companies that give back to their communities, that’s what.  As a supporter of TOMS shoes, I have written about the company’s various campaigns such as “One Day Without Shoes”, “World Sight Day”, and their donations to Hurricane Sandy victims.  Recently I found a shoe company that seeks to help artists get global recognition for their work through beautiful, unique, casual shoes.  Bucketfeet, headquartered in Chicago, was launched in 2011 and works to provide customers with one-of-a-kind shoes designed by different artists.  The designs help remind us that art connects people and cultures, and that talented people can be found everywhere in the world.  Be sure and check out their site, and buy yourself (or someone you love) a work of art for your feet.

I hope you have a happy week, filled with lots of Good Stuff!

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