Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Good Stuff: June 16-June 22, 2013

Ahhhh, Vegas!
In case you missed me, I've been on vacation and have been somewhat slacking in the blogging department.  Well, cheer up, I’m back!  And, to prove it, I want to share some great things people are doing here in Joplin and across the country.  Hope you have a wonderful week, and, remember, “What you do matters….”

A couple weeks ago posted this piece about a teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary who started a nonprofit to help classrooms throughout the U.S. give back to other classrooms in need.  She developed the idea for her program, Classes4Classes, Inc after her class received items from children and teachers from across the U.S. These items reminded her students that others emphasized with them and their loss and also helped her class find a sense of normalcy when they returned to school in January.  Personally, I am amazed at Kaitlin Roig’s ability to find goodness and love in the world after witnessing such a horrific event as the deadly shooting that took place in her school last December.  Please take a moment to read more about her story and, if you feel so moved, check into ways you can support her project.

Looking for more ways to help residents of Moore, OK rebuild after a tornado destroyed a portion of their town in May?  One of my favorite nonprofits, KaBOOM!, is seeking donations to help the city rebuild playgrounds.  While ensuring children’s basic needs – food, water, and shelter – are met following a tragedy, providing them an outlet for play is also important for their psychological well-being.  While visiting KaBOOM’s website, you can also view their calendar and learn about playground builds in your area that still need volunteers.  Trust me, you will have a great time helping create a valuable resource for kids!

Finally this week I’d like to leave you with a video my friend, Dr. Cheryl Fogarty, shared with me recently.  You remember Cheryl’s Labor of LoveProject?  Well, thanks to all of you – and so many others – her dream has become a reality and her full-time medical center in Haiti is saving lives every day.  Below is a video created by her team that illustrates the impact her vision has made on this community.  Dr. Fogarty proves that one person truly can make an impact on people’s lives. 

What imprint do you wish to leave on the world?