Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Makes me smile every time....

In case you haven’t noticed those emails in your inboxes with the subject, “What to get Mom this year,” I’m here to remind you that Mother’s Day is just around the corner.  This year it falls on Sunday, May 12, as a matter of fact. 

So, what are you going to do for Mom this year?  Flowers?  Candy?  Jewelry?  Dinner?  A card?  All these ideas provide the opportunity to show your appreciation for a mom who loves you unconditionally (even when you talk back to her or make stupid choices.  Stop doing those things, by the way).  However, what if you took a little more time and gave Mom a gift from the heart this year?  You know, something that makes her think of you and smile every time she sees it?  And, wouldn’t it be great if such a gift didn’t send you to the poor house?  (I know Mom would appreciate that aspect of the gift, too.)

What if you could find a perfect gift for Mom for $25 or less? 

It can be done, you know.  There are lots of fun ideas out there.  Wine glass koozies, decorative flip flops, chocolate covered strawberries, or even a sentimental book like Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul are all brilliant, inexpensive ideas for gifts that will keep Mom smiling long past May 12th (except for the strawberries, of course.  Those things will be lucky to make it past dinnertime.)

Personally, one of my all-time favorite Mother's Day gifts is a picture of my oldest daughter and me taken the night of her junior prom.  My daughter simply took a picture of the two of us from that evening, had it enlarged, and put it in a gorgeous, ornate frame purchased from Hobby Lobby (at half price, no less).  Since my daughter and I designed her dress ourselves, this picture serves as a reminder of the fun we had picking out fabric, combining designs from red carpet celebrity gowns, and then adding our own unique style elements to create the perfect prom dress.  The result was a one-of-a-kind gown that perfectly fit both her physique and personality, and I will forever be thankful that she allowed me to be such a vital part of a significant moment in her high school experience.  What could be better than knowing your kid enjoys your company almost as much as you enjoy hers?

So, this year step outside of the box and give Mom something that reminds her of an experience that brought joy and happiness to both of you.  I promise she’ll be delighted by the gesture.  Of course, I also wouldn't be offended if my kids decided to get me my own pair of Beats by Dr. Dre....

This post is entered in the Mother's Day Your Way contest on NerdWallet.  Please be sure you visit their site and browse though some of the other entries and perhaps consider writing your own post about the best Mother's Day gift for under $25!


  1. The best Mother's Day gift I got my mom was to take her to a local bookstore where Goldie Hawn was signing copies of her autobiography. She was really sweet to us and jealous that we were together on Mother's Day weekend when she couldn't be with her daughter.

    Afterwards we went to lunch. No not with Goldie, just Mom and me. ;)

  2. Oh! Goldie Hawn! I'll bet that WAS a great gift! Too bad she didn't join you for lunch, though. That would have qualified you for Daughter of the Year! :-)