Tuesday, April 30, 2013

National Poetry Month: We All Fall for Ashes

Photo by Jessica Kory
Back in February, when I first learned about National Poetry Month, I sought out some bloggers who use their platform to focus on poetry.  One of the blogs I found was, “Not the Rockefellers”.  I immediately fell in love with Rene’s blog because she writes “painless poetry for short attention spans” (Dyanne, you might want to go check out her site.)  As a matter of fact, I highly encourage all of you to pop over and pay her a visit.  I promise you won’t be disappointed – check out these reviews found on her “About” page if you don’t believe me:

                “The childish scrawling of a Mariah Carey/Jewell wannabee.” – Anonymous

                “I loved the last stanza because it was almost over.” – Hinkey Bleck

I mean, with such rave reviews, who can resist, right?
Thankfully, Rene liked my idea about celebrating National Poetry Month here on “Since You Asked…” and agreed to share one of her pieces with us.  I hope you enjoy Rene’s wordsmithery (hey, it’s a word because I said so) and then be sure to stalk frequent her place from time to time for a little bit of what I like to refer to as “poetry for the poetically-challenged”.
We All Fall for Ashes
white smoke
collection plate
chalk dust rubbed
from heaven’s slate
lace mantilla 
frames your face
kiss me 
with the passion
of a suffering
grace amazing
december eight
the night is dark
and the hour’s
your sights 
above me
yet here i wait
lighting up
another courage
chasing haloes
my breath 
you take
my soul you burn
to the stake
watch them all line up
see them all fall down
for the sake of ashes
Lord the way you
roll me
holy smokes
let me
into you
a sacred, 
secret work 
of art and 
i will love you
and all that 
you ponder
in your 
Rene ~ December 30, 2012
Magpie Tales


  1. Love your celebration of poetry! I used to teach poetry when I was a ninth grade English teacher. Sadly, I have abandoned it since then!

  2. Nina - you should revisit poetry now with your kids! You never know, you just might have a budding poet in your household (and if you do, I totally want to hear about it so I can post his or her poetry over here!)