Thursday, April 25, 2013

National Poetry Month: Needles by Ellen Goodrich

As we near the end of April, I wish to share with you a few more poems sent to me in honor of National Poetry Month.  Today's poem is another ecopoetic piece written by Ellen Goodrich.  I hope you enjoy!

Needles by Ellen Goodrich

The sun stinging
late a.m. early p.m.
eyes, squinting to see
a bird fly in from the left

and land next to me
on black concrete
where I and those before me
tossed cigarette butts

(and once I had even seen
a bum piecing through,
trying to salvage one
that was nothing but

but the bird was not
interested in why
we do the things that
we do.

He picked up a
Hypodermic needle
in his tiny beak
and flew to repair his nest
situated in the neon
shop sign above.

Tell me what you think about poetry and this year's National Poetry Month: What have you learned about poetry that you didn't know before? Did you find any poems you enjoyed? If so, which one(s) and why? Were you inspired to write your own poetry? Would you like to share with us here at "Since You Asked...."?

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