Friday, March 15, 2013

Things That Make Me Smile

Spring Break in Joplin, MO

Today is the unofficial start of Spring Break for my kids’ school (they actually have the day off due to parent/teacher conferences, but, hey, a day off is a day off.)  For many years our family took advantage of this break and booked trips to exciting destinations such as Disney, Puerto Rico, Hawaii (never again, I might add), San Diego, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas (because the family that gambles together stays together. Okay, just kidding).  However, recently we have opted to simply stay home and, you know what? I kind of like taking a week off and just hanging out around the house with the family.  Also, this next week in Joplin offers a lot of options for fun stuff to do while we enjoy our “staycation”.

This morning, while my kids slept in to celebrate their upcoming week of carefree living, I quietly completed my morning routine and readied myself for a day at the office.  On the drive across town to purchase my morning Starbucks I contemplated the things that brought a smile to my face so early in the day.  I decided to share these little pieces of happiness today, so I hope you enjoy!

Things That Brought a Smile to my Face Today:

  • My dogs wishing me a good morning when I hopped out of bed.
  • Bright sunshine and mild temperatures in Missouri, in the middle of March.
  • Realizing that I still like the clothes I picked out last night to wear today.
  • The peacefulness of getting showered and dressed while the rest of the house slept quietly.
  • The feel of the morning’s fresh air that blew in through the open windows as I drove my car.
  • Hearing one of my favorite songs from my freshman year in college on the radio (thank goodness for satellite radio!)
  • Thinking about playing the guitar for the season opener of Joplin’s Third Thursday next week.
  • Checking the rear-view mirror and seeing a large dog sticking his head out of the window of the car behind me.
  • Knowing that, even in Joplin, there is a Starbucks just up the street from just about anywhere in town.
  • Having my favorite barista at said Starbucks hand me my order at the drive-thru (no, he’s not my favorite because he’s hot (he’s not. In fact, he’s probably the oldest barista there – even older than I am). He’s my favorite because he is the friendliest barista in town. Plus, we’ve known him for several years, well before he worked for Starbucks).
  • Knowing that the eldest child will be home in four days for her spring break from college.

Have a great weekend!

What things made you smile today?  Are you experiencing good weather in your neck of the woods?  Do you have plans for Spring Break?  Let me know in the comments section below!


  1. You left one out. Talking to my friend Dyanne on the phone for an hour and a half.

    1. YES!! The absolute highlight to my otherwise uneventful day at work! :-)