Monday, December 10, 2012

Music Mondays: 100 Greatest Songs, Part 4

Before we get started with today’s installment of my top 100 All-Time Greatest Songs, I wanted to share a video with you.  Grant Landis is my friends’ son, and I wrote a brief post about him last week on BlogHer.  If you didn’t get a chance to check out his video there, I have taken the liberty of posting it once again (because it's just too stinkin' cute to miss!)  The video was filmed here in Joplin, and is the first of what I’m sure will be many more to come.  Additionally, Grant's three songs - which he wrote - are available for purchase on iTunes.  Enjoy!

And, now, here are numbers 20-39 (and we are getting ever closer to number 1!):

39.  “I Will Follow” – U2
38.  “Driver’s Seat” – Snif ‘N the Tears
37.  “Ah, Leah” – Donny Iris
36.  “Madman Across the Water” – Elton John
35.  “Fire Woman” – The Cult
34.  “I Don’t Care Anymore” – Phil Collins
33.  “Let Me Take You Home Tonight” – Boston
32.  “Bye, Bye, Love” – The Cars
31.  “Hotel California” – The Eagles
30.  “Shower the People” – James Taylor
29.  “Victim of Love” – The Eagles
28.  “Sunday, Bloody Sunday” – U2
27.  “Revolution” – The Beatles
26.  “Good Times Roll” – The Cars
25.  “Sweet Baby James” – James Taylor
24.  “Salisbury Hill” – Peter Gabriel
23.  “Champagne Supernova” – Oasis
22.  “Blood and Roses” – The Smithereens
21.  “Games Without Frontiers” – Peter Gabriel
20.  “A Pirate Looks at 40” – Jimmy Buffet

So, now it’s your turn again.  Tell me some of your favorite songs that you haven’t already listed in previous posts.  Did you watch Grant’s video yet?  What did you think?  Be sure to stop back by next week for the last installment of this series - I know you are anxiously waiting to see what my Top 10 songs are - especially Number 1!

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