Friday, November 16, 2012

Inverness Press Interview

Where I spend a lot of my time lately....

As many of you know, I was recently selected as a contributor to Write on Edge’s Literary Anthology, Precipice.  (Click here to buy your very own copy!)  Well, as we writers and bloggers are wont to do, many of us have connected with each other via e-mail, Twitter, and through our blogs.  Yes, my circle of friends on the Internets is growing. 

First, I found Jessie, AKA the Jester Queen, was a contributor. I have been reading her stories for quite some time now, ever since a piece she wrote appeared as a featured post on “All Fooked Up” (um, and by the way, Lynn is pretty hilarious. You must stop by there sometime and read her random and hysterical musings.) Then I discovered Erin Margolin over at “Erin Margolin, the Road toMy Writer Roots”.  I discovered Kim at MyInner Chick and all the great stuff she is doing to help victims of domestic violence.  And I also discovered AmyBeth and her amazing writing over at “The Inverness Press” (what a great name for a blog!)  AmyBeth is conducting interviews with several of us who are published in Precipice, and TODAY IS MY DAY! 

I am so excited to be included in this group of talented writers, I can hardly stand it! So, take a minute and head over to MaryBeth’s place and read my interview.  You never know, you might just learn a little something new about yours truly….