Thursday, October 11, 2012

World Sight Day, 2012

More "Mr. Magoo" than "sexy librarian", I'm afraid....

I have really bad eyesight.  So bad, in fact, that every time my eye doctor examines me he shakes his head and says, “Dawn, I always enjoy a challenge.”

Thus, when I learned that TOMS was beginning a new initiative that would help provide sight to individuals living in impoverished areas, I jumped on the band wagon and purchased a pair of their sunglasses.  I know first-hand what it is like to not be able to see.  Fortunately, I also know how liberating it is to have your eyesight restored through the aid of corrective lenses.  I cannot imagine how challenging it would be to try and function without the ability to see clearly (not to mention the fact that the resulting headaches would be completely debilitating for me).

Today, October 11, 2012, is “World Sight Day”.  TOMS is joining other international organizations such as the International Lions Club, Helen Keller International, Sightsavers, and the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (just to name a few) to help promote the World Health Organization’s efforts to eliminate preventable blindness worldwide by the year 2020.

Won’t you please take a minute and visit one or two (or all) of these sites to learn how you can help give the gift of sight to others?


  1. I'm late to the party (fashionably late, let's say) but this is a great cause. The thought that no one will ever be blind again by 2020 - that it's within our reach - is just astounding to me.

    Also, glasses don't work for me either. I look more like a douchey hipster than a well-read intellectual, so I'll continue to be fashionably blind.

    1. LOL - "douchey hipster" - now THAT is an interesting self-description! Wow, thanks for coming by - I love your blog, and you have officially made my day!

      I wrote this post because it never ceases to amaze me that no matter how informed I try to be, there are still so many things I take for granted. The gift of sight is one of them, and I support these organizations and their efforts to help alleviate blindness cause by disease. I am so thankful that others such as yourself support these efforts, also. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.