Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Coming Home From Ghana

Flag of Ghana/Image Courtesy of Wikipedia

As I write this my friend, Shannon, is on her way home from Ghana with her recently adopted son, Eli.  Like most parents-to-be, she and her husband have been working hard to prepare their home for their new baby’s arrival.  Unlike other parents, though, Shannon and Tobin had to make special arrangements for their boy.  First of all, since Eli has a blood disorder that caused him to lose a foot and several fingers, they needed to contact experts in prosthetics as well as doctors who will oversee his medical care once they get him settled in his new, permanent home.  They also needed to prepare extensive paperwork in order to ensure their adoption was official and permanent.  Finally, they needed to procure the funding necessary to help finance their adoption.

Many of you have helped make this family’s dream a reality, and have helped bring this little boy home to his forever family.   I know the Schultz Family is extremely grateful for, and humbled by, your generosity and support. 

Bringing a new baby home is both a joyous and stressful occasion, and Eli’s homecoming is no exception to this rule.  The long flight from Africa to Joplin, as well as the introduction of new surroundings and family members will be overwhelming and possibly even somewhat frightening for this little guy.  However, the love and security he will feel with his family will enable him to make the adjustment very quickly.  Even Shannon and Tobin will be amazed by how easily he makes the transition (once the jet lag wears off, that is).

Before you turn off the computer, I’d like to encourage you to visit Shannon’s blog and read this recent post she wrote about her last day in Ghana and the events surrounding Eli’s release from the orphanage.  It is truly touching. 

As always, thanks for reading, and thanks for all you do to make the world a better place!

What did you think about Shannon’s last day in Ghana?  Do you know someone who has adopted from another country?  Did your family experience stress or trauma when you brought your child, or children, home?  Keep the conversation going by leaving a comment below!


  1. My cousins are adopted from Ghana! They have been here for almost two years. Twin girls adopted at 12 years old. They are amazing and have adjusted very well.