Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lessons Learned: Penn State University

This week we are on vacation at the beach. Even though I'm not on a deserted island, we still do not have Internet service. So, here I am writing FROM MY PHONE. Which is quite challenging. Nonetheless, I wanted to share a link to a guest post I wrote for one of my favorite bloggers, EL Farris, who writes at "Running From Hell With El". I hope you'll take a minute and go read my post, then stick around and read some of El's posts - I promise you won't be disappointed. Since I am operating from such an unreliable source, I am simply going to post the link and hope it sends you to right place!  So, here it is, wish me luck, and I promise I'll be back with lots of stories from the beach as soon as I get back into the 21st Century!



  1. Good news. Your post got here! Have fun on the beach!

  2. Thanks, Sherry! We have Internet now!