Thursday, July 5, 2012

BlogHer Anti-Bullying Post

Last week I wrote a post on BlogHer about my views on bullying.  I was informed today that they will feature my post on their home page.

While this is not a political or religious blog, it IS a blog about family and community and ideas on how we can empower ourselves to make the world around us a better place.  Sometimes I touch on topics that involve political behavior – whether it is our own or the actions of political leaders – in an effort to remind readers about our responsibility as voters and active participants in our communities to ensure lawmakers act responsibly.

I sincerely believe that sometimes we adults are asking our children to “do as I say, not as I do” when it comes to bullying.  Whenever we use our platforms to demean others for the sole purpose of elevating our own interests without regard for the facts or the feelings of those who we are attacking, that is bullying.  Unfortunately, sometimes adults are just as guilty of exhibiting this undesirable behavior as kids. 

I have no interest in stating names or calling attention to specific public figures, I only want to make readers cognizant of the fact that, in my opinion, much of our political discourse is nothing more than adult bullying.  It happens on all sides of the political arena and with many different issues.

What I AM asking readers to do is this: stand up and tell those in the public eye that we’ve had enough of their disrespectful behavior toward one another.  This behavior not only hurts others’ feelings and demeans their personal values, but it also serves as a distraction to getting things done that will help our country be better for all of us. 

I believe that if we citizens and voters start standing up and letting our leaders know that we are tired of the bickering, name-calling, and blame-placing that is currently taking over our political discourse, we MIGHT see things actually get done that will make progress in the very things these lawmakers are arguing about.  Also, I think it will set a much better example for our children on how to handle disagreements in a mature, productive manner. 

I know there are more productive ways to overcome our differences in opinion and life choices than by sending out tweets, Facebook posts, or even commercials that try to garner votes and support through angry, hateful messages that are actually thinly disguised methods of bullying.  Let’s remind our leaders that their behavior is being watched not only by their constituents, but also by our children, who then mimic this hateful behavior in their own actions.  Stand up for what’s right – little by little I know we can make a difference!

To read my original post, please go to  Let me know your thoughts on this subject – I love to get feedback!  You can either leave me a comment here or over at BlogHer!


  1. As the saying goes: "RIGHT ON"!!!! Is is a shame to see intelligent people stoop to, basically, name calling and the such. I have gotten to the point of turning the television on mute when one of these commercials comes on. Usually, it's not even correct info they are giving us. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.