Thursday, June 21, 2012

Third Thursday and Art Feeds – Two of My Favorite Things

Main St., Joplin

So, here we are:  June 21, 2012 – the third Thursday of June, and you know what that means?  That’s right, time for another Third Thursday Art Walk here in good ol’ Joplin, MO!  As has been the case for some months past, I am humbled to have been asked to play again this month, this time at Mystery Church (they have a really cool stage and sound system, so, yeah, I’m excited!)  It also means another opportunity for those of us living in Joplin and its surrounding area to come together and explore the works of our local artists as well as offer them support through either purchasing items they have for sale or just simply admiring their creativity. 

Today is also the day that my Art Feeds Fundraising website launches.  Art Feeds is an organization here in Joplin that endeavors to provide children a therapeutic outlet through art and creativity, and never before has their work been as important, valuable, and beneficial than right here, right now.  It is no secret that the tornado has had a tremendously traumatic affect on those of us living in Joplin, and probably none have been affected as severely as our children.  They have lost homes or loved ones.  Schools.  Neighborhoods.  Pets.  Friends.  A sense of normalcy

Fortunately, the creative and insightful folks at Art Feeds are here to help our kids.  Art Feeds has been working for some time with children not only here in Joplin but also in Ghana, Africa.  Their mission is to help kids learn to express themselves through their creativity – be it through music, painting, drawing, acting, dancing, writing, etc.  This creative expression provides kids (and us!) with a much-needed outlet to not only explore the beauty they possess in themselves but also in the world around them, even when they are overcome by the world’s ugliness.  And, isn’t that what Art is supposed to do?

And, Art Feeds does all this for FREE.  That’s right, they offer art classes – or therapy, if you will – at no cost to us, our schools, or our kids

The incredible Art Feeds team
Meg, Brooke, and Marissa and the rest of their team are a tremendous asset to our community – and they’re not even thirty years old yet!  (Which, obviously, is why our kids find them to be ever-so-cool!  Heck, it’s why I think they’re cool!)  What is amazing is their ability to see a need and then work furiously to ensure it is met successfully.  Time and again these young adults can be seen out and about in our community (usually in their Mobile Art Center), smiling and laughing and working with our children.  And kids need to play and laugh.  We all need to play and laugh.  And create – or at least have the opportunity to admire others’ works of creativity.  It’s what makes life beautiful, even (especially!) in the midst of tragedy or suffering.

Art Feeds will need to continue its work next year, and, hopefully, for many years to come.  So, won’t you please join me in donating to this amazing organization?  All it takes to provide Art Feeds programs to one student for an entire year is $38.  Your donation is secure and can even be made anonymously.  Simply go to my fundraising page and follow the instructions – it’s that easy! 

Thank you for helping Art Feeds help kids – and for helping make our world just a little bit more beautiful through the art of our children!

This fundraiser goes through July 29, so, yeah, you'll be hearing A LOT about my fundraising efforts between now and then! 

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  1. Art Feeds sounds like such a wonderful program!

    I have an award for you at my blog, Mama Diaries. If you'd like it, please stop by to pick it up.