Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Blog Mingle and Third Thursday in Joplin

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Today I am over at Tina Hook's blog, "Girl with a New Life", talking about what I would choose as the title of my life's soundtrack.  Once a week Tina hosts a blog mingle by posing a question for her readers to answer in the comments section and then encouraging them to visit the blog listed above their comment.  A couple weeks ago I met one of my newest blogging friends, Tele, author of "Hooked".  Seriously, you should check out her writing.  I swear I can feel the sea spray on my face, the chill of the Alaskan air, and the exhilaration of the big catch as I read her stories about her life in Alaska.  Yes, she's THAT good.

Thinking about a title track for the soundtrack for my life brought many musical memories and references to my mind.  Initially I wanted to use “A Star is Born” but then I remembered I don’t work onstage. Next I thought of “Caddyshack” but decided that wouldn’t work because I don’t play golf.  I then ruled out “The Big Chill” because that dude commits suicide, Glen Close’s husband has sex with her friend in order to help the friend get pregnant (because obviously this was way before the days of artificial insemination), and Jeff Goldblum is a total jerk throughout the whole movie.  Nah, that wouldn’t work, either.  Likewise, I decided against “Purple Rain” because I am neither African-American nor from Minneapolis.  “Stayin’ Alive” was a no-go because, well, that movie sucked.  “Grease” is an option, but since I attended high school in the ‘80’s, “Footloose” is a bit more relatable to me (and Kevin Bacon is totally hot).  So many great movie soundtracks, but I can’t really pick just one to describe my life very well. (Head over to Girl with a New Life to read what I finally decided my title track would be....) 

Joplin Downtown Alliance

Tonight is this month's Third Thursday, hosted by the Downtown Alliance.  There are lots of special activities slated for tonight's event, and one of the biggest will be the annual Art Feeds auction at JB's Piano Bar (112 S. Main in Joplin).  Auction items include works created by Joplin & Ghana Art Feeds students, gift baskets, and personal lessons by local artists.  A $5 donation is suggested for entry.  If you can't make it to the auction, you might consider participating in the annual Art Feeds Online Auction.  Head over to their blog for information on how you can score a $40 credit!

You should also plan on stopping by Spiva Center for the Arts (222 W. 3rd in Joplin) to view images from the "Dear World From Joplin With Love" project as well as the exhibit, "Through a Child's Eyes".  This special exhibit was created and coordinated by local photographer, Jessica Kory, who encouraged children (ages 5-18) to share their thoughts and photographs commemorating the one-year anniversary of the May 2011 tornado.

So, take a moment to read my brief piece over at Tina's blog, and then make plans to attend this month's Third Thursday event.  You'll be glad you did!!


  1. Here from th blog hop! The dead guy was actually Kevin Costner...his scenes got cut!

    1. Yes- I have always thought that is a weird claim to fame for Kevin Costner: the part that almost was :-)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Thanks for your kind words, Dawn, and big congratulations on your guest appearance on Tina's blog! She's a fabulous community-builder, isn't she? A beautifully-done post - I loved your analogy to the bending willow.

    1. Thanks, Tele! And I wish the analogy were mine to take credit for, but that really did come from a friend of mine. Somehow, it has stuck with me through the years :-)