Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fun Happenings in Joplin!

The latest buzz around Joplin is, of course, tomorrow's (Friday) grand re-opening of Cupcakes by Liz.  The new shop, located at 2310 S. Main in Joplin, will be open Fridays and Saturdays from 5:00-10:00.  Liz accepts custom orders Tuesdays through Thursdays; a two week minimum notice is required.

Cupcakes by Liz is not the only recent addition to the ever-growing list of gourmet dessert venues in Joplin.  Anderson's Ice Cream & Cinnamon Rolls recently re-opened under new ownership adjacent to the original Candy House just south of Redings Mill.  The new shop will feature ten different flavors of ice cream daily, and the owners are always looking for fresh flavor ideas!  Anderson's enjoys a rich history as Joplin's premier homemade ice cream parlor, and the new shop delivers on its promise to continue that tradition.

Saturday, June 2, marks the opening of Linda Ellard-Brown's pottery show, "Centered in Clay".  The show, which runs June 2 - June 29 is being held at the Post Memorial Art Reference Library located inside the Joplin Public Library.  Linda's pieces are stunning, so be sure to stop by and see for yourself her beautiful pottery creations.

On Tuesday I shared with you information about an upcoming book I heard about, "And the Angels Came".  Since I had only heard about this book from two friends, I was unsure about where the author, Dr. Larry Brothers, was at in the writing process, so I was purposely a bit vague about information regarding the book.  Dr. Brothers's sister-in-law is a friend of mine, and she provided a little bit more info about his project.  I am still intrigued by this book, and hope to someday have the opportunity to read it myself.  Teresa pointed me in the direction of an interview by KSN's Toni Valliere.  I watched both parts of the interview and would like to share them with you, as well.  Be sure and take a minute to watch Part 1 and Part 2 to learn more about Dr. Brothers's vision and goal for his fascinating book.

Finally, I would like to tell you about Art Feeds founder, Meg Bourne.  Meg has been chosen as a semi-finalist for the Do Something Good Awards!  If you just read that and thought, "is this a big deal?", let me assure you that, yes, it's a REALLY stinkin' big deal!  Meg will now fly out to New York sometime in the next two weeks for a personal interview.  The Do Something Good judges will then select five (5!) finalists from the semi-finalists interviewed.  These five finalists will attend a LIVE AWARDS SHOW ON VH1 where they will be awarded $10,000 each.  The winner will be announced on the show and will receive $100,000!!  Too bad we can't vote for Meg via an online voting competition ('cause you know we would totally OWN that!)  Anyway, just to give you an idea of what this awards show is all about, here is a little video of last year's teaser for the show:

I will keep you posted about Meg's status as she gets further along in the selection process.

So, what's going on in your neck of the woods?  Are you going to check out one of the new dessert venues this weekend?


  1. That cupcake place looks yummy! I'm so glad things are coming back together in your community

    1. Heather, Liz's cupcakes are simply the best! I have been missing them this past year....

  2. Love cupcakes...not crazy for cake though...kinda like saying you like Easter eggs but not boiled eggs... Whatever! I want to hear how Meg does too!!!!!