Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Angel Sightings

Last night a friend and I were talking about the Unity Walk here in Joplin.  I told her how much I enjoyed the spirit of community and sense of triumph that defined the event for me.  As I was describing my experiences from the day, she stopped me and said, “Wait, I have to tell you something my mom told me the other day.”  She then went on to tell me about a local man who is writing a book about “angel” sightings during the tornado.  I told her another friend of mine also told me about this book a few months back, but I couldn’t remember who was writing the book (it's Dr. Larry Brothers).  The book is titled, "And the Angels Came", and it is about several stories the author has investigated over the past year that led him to believe angels – real ones - were at work here during and after the disaster.

Now, I know this stuff sounds a bit fantastical.  And, truthfully, I am quite a cynic when it comes to things of a spiritual nature.  I can understand why people believe in God – and I can understand why people don’t.  But these stories are compelling enough to bring goosebumps to my arms and tears to my eyes.  Not having read the accounts yet, I can only give a brief summary of the stories I’ve heard, and they go something like this:  the day of the tornado several people have witnessed two dark figures who spoke to them and led them to safety (or instructed them on how to lead others to safety).  I am incredibly intrigued by these stories, and am anxious to read this book one day. 

Today I’d like to do something a little different.  I am kind of “borrowing” an idea – expanding on it, actually – from E.L. Farris over at “Running From Hell With El” who opened up a discussion in which readers commented about their faith in God and religion.  I want to know if you believe in angels – not just in an ethereal sense, but real, live, actual angels.
Do you think this stuff really happened?  And do you think angels show themselves during disasters (such as last year’s tornado or the tsunami in Japan)?  Have you ever had an experience with an angel (or know someone who has?)  How do you reconcile the survival stories and accounts of angel sightings with those stories of people who perished?  Do you think angels are real? 

Please, tell me in the comments section below – I am really interested in getting this discussion going and I want to hear your thoughts!


  1. Dawn,didn't someone tell you that Will was talking to the angels as he was taken from his car?

    1. Yes. I don't know if they truly believed that or if they were just trying to be comforting, but more and more stories keep popping up along these lines which have caused me to be very curious about these experiences. I love to hear others' stories, so this has really been on my mind lately. I want to know about other stories that may be similar that took place in other areas, as well. I find this very interesting....