Monday, March 5, 2012

President Obama to Speak at JHS Commencement Exercises

President Obama announced today that he will be speaking at the commencement exercises for the Joplin High School graduating class of 2012.  Politics aside, I am thankful that the president has chosen to honor his earlier promise to not forget our community and his pledge for continued support from the federal government.  Let us not view this as a political maneuver – instead let us recognize it for what it is: an opportunity for our city to be highlighted in national media for its ongoing efforts at rebuilding after last year’s devastating storm.  And, as a parent of a 2011 graduate who has dealt with the fallout from last year’s ceremony being largely identified by that storm, I must point out that this is also an opportunity to provide this year’s graduating class a positive memory amidst a year filled with recollections of chaos and upheaval.  Indeed, I am extremely appreciative of the many efforts being made by so many to help this year’s seniors leave Joplin High on a positive note.

Here are a few other groups and businesses that have endeavored to make the Class of 2012 experience an unforgettable senior year:

Katy Perry
Rockhurst University
Drury University
Missouri Southern State University

I’m sure there are many others – please feel free to add to the list in the “comments” section so all can receive the credit they so rightly deserve.

In the midst of all this national support for our students, wouldn’t it be great to announce on April 4th that we, the citizens of Joplin, proudly support our schools and our future by providing them with the funds they need to rebuild?

Vote yes on April 3rdVote Hope!

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