Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hooray! Another Blogger Award!

The other day I wrote about my very first blogger award, the Versatile Blogger Award.  I tell ya, I'm so excited to get these little boosts of encouragement, I can hardly stand it.  Today I'm proud to announce that Heather nominated me for the Sunshine Award, as well.  I met Heather through the A to Z Challenge, which is coming up in just a few short days.  I'm not panicked about it or anything, no sir.....

I'm excited about this award because I get to answer some questions about myself and, really, who doesn't like to talk about one's self?  Oh, and then I get to share a couple MORE blogs with you that I love.  Which I like even better than the talking about me stuff.  Sort of.

Favorite color:  Easy. It's yellow.  Because I like things to be bright and cheery.  Plus, when I was in 4th grade I had my first migraine attack (trust me, you remember these things).  I was in a classroom that was painted blue and I thought I was going to die.  Or vomit, in which case I hoped I would die.  Shortly after (like probably a week or two.  Surely my migraine went away before then??) they put me in a different classroom which was, ta-da! painted yellow.  I don't remember having any more migraines that school year so thus one can only conclude that blue causes migraines and yellow keeps them away.  Or something like that....

Favorite animal:  Again, easy:  cats.  Except of course my husband and two of my kids are deathly allergic to them so I'm stuck with dogs.  Which are OK, I guess.  But they really annoy the heck out of you.  Give me a nonchalant cat who couldn't care less if you exist or not.  Just make sure there's cat food in his bowl and clean kitty litter in his box.  Or else he will pee in your plants.

Favorite number:  32.  Because that's how old I am.  And will continue to be.  What??

Favorite non-alcoholic drink:  This is too easy.  Wine, of course.  Oh, wait, that's not right, is it?  OK, coffee.  Period.  'Cause I'm a writer, duh.

Facebook or Twitter:  OK, now we're getting to the tough questions.  I'm gonna have to go with Facebook here only because I know how to operate the machinery a bit better than Twitter.  Although I can tweet with the best of them while watching an awards show....

My passions are:  Family and making an impact in your community.  You don't have to have a building named after you (although that would be cool, wouldn't it?).  I'm talking about just doing the right thing whenever you have a chance.  Stand up for what's right - for yourself and especially for those who don't have a voice of their own.  Be aware of what's going on in the world around you, use common sense, and teach your children to do the same.  Be the best YOU you can be, and help your children do the same.  This is how we will change the world, one person at a time.

Getting or giving presents:  While getting presents is fun, it is usually awkward because I am always astounded that people actually put thought into buying something for me - and it's usually the perfect gift!  It's so humbling.  But, conversely, there is no feeling like the one you get when you know you picked out just the right little something for someone else.  That feeling - THAT is priceless!

Favorite patterns:  Whaaattt????  Simplicity? McCall's?  Or Brady Bunch Plaid?  How about cottage roses?  Not a pattern person....

Favorite day of the week:  Hmmmm....I'll have to think about that one.  Thursdays are good because it's right before Friday, which is EVERYONE'S favorite day, isn't it?  Sundays are boring and Saturdays are just too cliche'.  Mondays are too long, as are Wednesdays.  So that just leaves me Tuesdays, doesn't it?  OK, it's official:  Tuesday it is.  (Too bad Mardi Gras only comes around once a year....)

Favorite flower:  Tulips.  And Birds of Paradise.  Nature outdid herself with those beautiful works of art.

Now, for the nominees (drumroll, please.....)

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  1. I love how you chose your favorite day by process of elimination :)
    Very humorous answers!

    1. Thank you! Can you tell I had a LOT of fun with this?? Really, this was great!

  2. Thank you for the Sunshine Award! I loved your answers. Mine will not be half so witty! I want to paint my kitchen yellow, but have very little actual wall space that isn't tile back splash, so I'm working on it.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse, co-host of the 2012 #atozchallenge! Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  3. Shannon, you are quite welcome! ANY amount of yellow in your kitchen will be wonderful (although, they tell me orange makes people hungry. I guess it just depends on how much cooking you want to do....) Looking forward to reading your answers!

  4. That is so nice! It's always a feel good moment when someone recognizes you!


  5. Joyce, that is so true! I was honestly so surprised and definitely very flattered!