Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Task #6 of GOOD’s 30-day Challenge

Today’s task is to visit a news site you often disagree with.  Ugh.  This meant I had to visit FoxNews (or, as my cousin refers to it, “FauxNews”).  The interesting thing about this, for me, is that when you READ the news – as opposed to LISTEN to it – you are able to formulate your own opinion about what is being reported.  In other words, without the editorializing of the presenters, the news becomes “Just the facts, ma’am, just the facts.”

Phew, what a relief.  So, instead of getting angry by Greta Van Susteren’s overly dramatic bullying, er, I mean reporting, of the news (not to mention her angry, scowling face), I can instead enjoy the luxury of being angry by the loud rants of a few non-representative few.  And it occurred to me that these angry few are on both sides of an issue – always.  Because who wants to read comments by people who are lukewarm about an issue or who really just want everybody to get along, mind their own business, and work hard to earn an honest buck?

So, today I ‘d like to encourage you to do what I did: visit a news source that you generally disagree with, or just peruse a site you are unfamiliar with.  For instance, if you like FoxNews, check out Huffington Post.  Or, if you like CNN, head over to MSNBC or FoxNews.  Just for a few minutes.  Read about a story that you are unfamiliar with.  Or read about something you have a strong opinion on.  Either way, you may get a dose of something unexpected: a valid point.

Just don’t read the comments following the article you read….

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