Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kids - Ya Gotta Love 'Em!

Just one of many ways to become a mom or dad....

This morning Canada Adopts posted on its Facebook page “Today's Adoption Month question: What's the one thing you want others to know about adoption?”

Since this is the last day of National Adoption Month, I decided to put some thought into this question and contemplate what one thing I would like to pass along to others considering adoption.

You know what I want people to realize about adoption? No matter how your children come to you, you love each of them the same. When speaking about adoption, I have sometimes heard others express concern that they might be unable to love a child they did not birth themselves. I say, “hogwash” (well, actually the word I use is a bit stronger, but since my mom reads this blog, I’ll keep it clean). I have both biological and adopted children, and I must tell you that I love them all equally (and, as they are well aware of and will be happy to tell you, I get angry with them equally, too). The point is, once you decide to be a parent to a child, it really doesn’t matter how he or she came to be in your family – you love, nurture, support, discipline, delight in, fret over, laugh with, ENJOY him or her no matter what the birthing circumstances may be.

The other thing I would like people to know is that there is no heroism involved in this act of love called adoption; it is simply a desire to be called “Mom” or “Dad” that motivates people to become parents. Building and nurturing a family is cause for celebration no matter the details involved. Love is love – period.

And with this last bit of personal insight on adoption, I will leave the topic alone for a while because, as I have said, adopted or biological, my kids are all the same and so why do I need to speak on the matter anymore?

I hope potential parents won’t rule out adoption as a method in which to build their families because of fear of their inability to love a child with a different gene pool.  Who's to say what the perfect combo is, anyway??

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