Monday, July 11, 2011

18 Years and Counting

Yesterday my oldest child turned 18. It's darn near impossible to celebrate this milestone birthday without asking the age-old, boring, cliche' question, "Where did the time go?"

And, yet, it was a lifetime ago when I was scared out of my wits in that birthing center for the first time. As I look back, I realize that nothing in my life is the same as it was on that day – except for the fact that I am still married to Charlie, of course. We have lived in three different houses since then, bought and sold God-knows-how-many cars, added 4 more children to our family, added a couple of dogs, mourned the deaths of 5 loved ones (and 1 dog), opened our own business, bought and sold a couple of other businesses, joined a church (and then joined another one), my obstetrician got a divorce and remarried, we enrolled our children in school, and finally enrolled our eldest in college.

We purchased our first home computer and subscribed to dial-up Internet, bought another home computer and subscribed to Broadband, bought a laptop, and then bought another one, and another one, and another one. We joined Facebook and reconnected with old friends – a lot of them! I started writing an on-line article, began a blog, got a Twitter account (follow me - @JoMoAdoption!) Our kids all got laptops, and Facebook accounts, and e-mail accounts. My obstetrician got another divorce. And another wife. I went from having a list of babysitters a mile long to allowing my children to babysit their former babysitters’ children.

Yes, there are times when I look at Sarah and think, “How did she grow up so fast?” Then I start to chronicle all that has happened in our lives since July 10, 1993, and I realize it happened slowly, over time - the same way it does for everyone else. The best part, though, is the fact that she is more than I ever imagined she would be on that afternoon 18 years ago when I held her in my arms and thought, “How will I ever be able to give her a bath without dropping her?”

In what way has your life changed over the past 18 years?

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  1. Very good article and well written!!! Can you imagine her turning 45?
    Love Mom